Zerell Johnson-Welch is a 12-year resident of Catoctin. She's an attorney by training, but has found her passion in advocating for students. Zerell's service to students and parents of Loudoun County Public Schools began in 2009 as a parent of three LCPS students, and today, 10 years later, her service continues.


Zerell believes that ALL STUDENTS deserve a learning environment where they feel safe, welcomed, and inspired. At its core, this means that we must ensure resources are distributed amongst our schools and classrooms equitably so all students have the same opportunties to thrive. Beyond that, we must also understand how critical teachers are to the success of our students. We cannot afford to underinvest in their professional development.

What She's About

  • Engaged Parent - Founding member of the THS PTSO
  • Advocate for Students - Two-time Chair of MSAAC
  • Administrative Experience - Executive Director of non-profit for over ten years
  • Transforming Engagement - Founding member of the Community Engagement Coalition
  • Community Figure - Worked as a coach and mentor to children for over 25 years
  • Attorney by Training - Experienced in legal and administrative matters

Lisa Mushalko Glasglow:

"Smart, diligent, professional, collaborative, exceptionally qualified candidate...she has a solid track record addressing the needs of students and proactively problem solving with the School Board and LCPS Administration. She has the right stuff."

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