"Every identifiable group of learners -- ALL students -- deserves a classroom experience where they feel SAFE, WELCOMED and INSPIRED to dream big!"

    We raised three children. Two attended Smart’s Mill Middle School, one attended Loudoun County High and all three graduated from Tuscarora High School beginning in 2012 and ending in 2014. During this time, one of our daughters participated in the Academy of Science program and our son participated in the Computer Engineering Program at Monroe Tech, both currently part of the Academies of Loudoun today. Our children are recent college graduates. Our oldest, a “Hokie , graduated with a degree in Industrial and Systems engineering works as a process engineer, our second daughter is part of the William and Mary Tribe, and is completing her first year of medical school at UVA, and our son, the youngest, a UVA Hoo, graduated with a degree in Computer Science last spring and is now a software developer.

    I entered the LCPS school board race because I believe every identifiable group of learners -- ALL students -- deserves a classroom experience where they feel SAFE, WELCOMED and INSPIRED to dream big! This includes children with special needs, ELL students, our rural learners, gifted and talented, our underrepresented learners in STEM, the economically vulnerable, and our children in need of emotional support. I intend to expand the discussion of safety to include a more holistic preventive approach that will require school leadership to examine their own school’s climate I believe in collective teacher efficacy -- ensuring that our teachers feel valued, confident and are provided with the necessary resources, compensation, and professional development so that they can focus on building meaningful teacher-student relationships. Because, children learn from teachers they love.

    I will always support a plan that includes the reinvestment and modernization of all schools in our community, especially those in the Catoctin District. I intend to promote the distribution of equitable resources, ensuring all types of learning communities will have the requisite tools necessary to provide the best educational experience for their students. I want to promote a school board philosophy that values parental collaboration as a pathway to success, and places relationship quality at the center of education. I am qualified to represent Catoctin families, and want to earn your support on November 5th .

    I’m an engaged parent. I remain so today even though my children have graduated from Loudoun County Public Schools. I help parents understand what it means to be engaged in the educational system. Research supports that one of the most important factors affecting a child’s performance in school is how involved their parents are in their education. According to the National Coalition of Parent Involvement, regardless of income or background students with involved parents are more likely to have higher grades and test scores, attend school regularly, have better social skills, show improved behavior, and adapt well to school.

    I was a charter member of Tuscarora High School PTSO leadership. I worked on drafting the organization’s first set of bylaws; supported scholarship fundraising; All Night Graduation Party Committee Chair; Teacher Appreciation Week, and served as the communication and social media chair for The Sit! Stay! Watch! Tuscarora Theater Department. I later served as the parent delegate, Committee Vice Chair and Chair to the Minority Student Achievement Advisory Committee, (MSAAC) a Loudoun County School Board subcommittee dedicated to work in partnership with the Loudoun County Public Schools, parents, and community to further the academic, social and cultural development of every student and to ensure all vulnerable population needs are met.

    Because of my commitment to increase parental engagement, the membership increased considerably. I established monthly communication with each principal and stressed the importance that each school have an appointed parent delegate that could effectively represent the needs of their school community to the LCPS School Board. I also co-chaired two major academic fairs. Every school department and resource opportunity were represented at the fair. Outside educational resources were all invited to participate as well. The purpose to identify and facilitate access to educational resources within LCPS and the community with the intent to engage parents, students and build partnerships.

"It’s imperative that our educators understand the need to connect and build relationships with their students."

    In collaboration with the Special Education Advisory Committee, I organized two annual joint town halls, which brought the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors and The Loudoun County School Board together to address community concerns. I feel strongly some board member initiatives should not be limited to just the BOS, rather should include some a discussion on possible impact in education on our communities and the District as a whole. During this time, I worked collaboratively with LCPS teachers, The Office of the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendents, and Directors from the following departments: The Department of Instruction, Human Resources and Talent Development, Department of Pupils Services, Department of Support Services, Office of Outreach, Gifted and Talented Education, and the Loudoun Education Association as Educator for the Day. I was often sought after to provide direct and written feedback to individual school board members and members of the Superintendent’s cabinet on issues of discipline, gifted and talented education, special needs, and the recruitment and retention of highly qualified diverse educators. This leadership role required the ability to deal tactfully and persuasively with sensitive matters, and more importantly understand views, values and perspective of various demographics. As such, I have earned the trusted respect of many in the LCPS educational community.

    I started this volunteer service journey in 2009 as new parent in the county. Today, I actively maintain those relationships and continue to build new ones with staff and parents, who seek assistance navigating a system that often can feel overwhelming. As such I was recently nominated by our District’s Current School Board member Chris Croll, to sit on the newly formed ad hoc Committee for Equity- focused on addressing the various needs of diverse learning communities in Catoctin and abroad. And last month I was asked to serve on The Tuscarora High School Advisory Council for School Counseling, a two year appointment. Once I identify an issue, gap or a need in services, I am able to engage a network of support and identify key personnel to address the issues. For example, in 2016 and 2018, I organized two community town halls, leveraging LCPS resources through the Office of Outreach encouraging all families and students to speak directly to law enforcement and our elected officials about the safety of our students. Our elected officials, former Congresswoman Comstock and Congresswoman Wexton, local law enforcement and community stakeholders participated in both panel discussions.

    I’ve worked with children, and teens for over twenty- five years! I am a gymnastic coach and I love working with children. I fully appreciate the impact educators have on their students. And it’s imperative that our educators understand the need to connect and build relationships with their students. Gymnastics is not an easy sport, and often the new skills are met with doubt and failures. For the last 20 years, I have dedicated my spare time to young athletes, sparking vision, eroding boundaries and bringing joy. Ultimately their failures, and moments of doubt, grow resiliency and confidence.

    I’m an attorney by training, I served on the board of directors of a non-profit organization, and I served as the Executive Director of two non-profit organizations. My professional training in advocacy and negotiation as well as my ability to navigate through legislation, identify and resolve complex issues, are essential for this position. I am a quick learner, and have very good analytical skills. I’ve assisted several Boards with developing clear visions and strategic goals for their organizations and I am an excellent communicator. I have developed budgets, monitored expenditures and often was required to make difficult decisions which ultimately supported a more fiscally sound organization and the option for future growth. I believe in transparency, accountability and outreach. As your Catoctin School Board representative, I will be accessible and demonstrate a willingness to communicate directly with the community about the Board’s progress and its challenges. I plan to hold bi-monthly small round tables in our various Catoctin communities to ensure each family’s voice has an opportunity to be considered.

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